Leaders of the Pack: A Werewolf Anthology – Available for Preorder Now!

Horrific Tales Publishing are very proud to present our first ever anthology: Leaders of the Pack.

However, as you would expect from us, this is no ordinary collection of short stories. We have approached the leading authors of werewolf fiction working today and have gotten them to create stories set in their own worlds, using the characters their fans know and love. Each story has been lovingly illustrated by Michelle Merlini and the book will be printed in the same case laminate format that we use for our premium novella line.

Just look at this list of contributors!

Jeff Strand (The Werewolf Chasers Trilogy): Ivan’s Night Out: A Wolf Hunt Prequel
Ray Garton (Ravenous, Bestial): Outside of Nowhere
David Wellington (Frostbite, 13 Bullets): Hunters Moon
Jonathan Janz (Wolf Land): The Kiss of Divna Antonov
Glenn Rolfe (Blood and Rain): The Dead Brother Situation
Graeme Reynolds (High Moor Trilogy): Blood Relations: A High Moor Story
Paul Kane (Red, Blood Red, Lifecycle): Lifeline
Thomas Emson (Maneater, Prey): The Hunt
David Watkins (The Originals Return, The Originals Retribution): The Original
T W Piperbrook (The Outage Series): The Great Storm
Nick Stead (The Hybrid Series): Bloodlines
Matt Serafini (The Feral Series): Evernight Circle

Leaders of the Pack: A Werewolf Anthology will be out on Friday 10th January 2020 (The Wolf Moon!) in Case Laminate Hardback, eBook and Audio formats