Deadside Revolution

deadside-coverShreds remain…

The dead are ascendant while The Living hide like rats in the dark corners of their cities.
For some there is the hell of the flesh farms that supply their Masters with live meat and fresh skin
For others, the Vitally Skilled, there is servitude,
slavery, And survival.

Dr Robert Lewis, cosmetic surgeon, clings to life as a
Vitally Skilled repairer of dead flesh.
He is a survivor, a shadow, and plans to remain that way,
until a message arrives which plunges him into an
inferno of unspeakable violence and destruction.

A Fallen Angel is in revolt.
There is war in Hell and as it spills over into this world, Robert Lewis
discovers that he has the key to the Living’s defeat or salvation.

Terry Grimwood delivers a unique take on the Zombie Apocalypse. Combining blistering action set pieces with social commentary, Deadside Revolution is a zombie novel unlike any other you’ve ever read.